Pregnant Creampie

Loved Pregnant CreampieAfter five years of having deep desires to lick a freshly fucked cunt ( I have licked overnight fucked cunts many, many times ), but I could never get past the blues. In fact, I set out hundreads of times determined to lick the fresh pregnant creampie as it spilled out from that flowerly smelly swollen pussy. I would verbally tell my wife as I fucked her that I was going to eat pregnant creampie after I fucked her. But I always had the blues. I never have any trouble after some recovery time. I could always go to sleep, wake even twenty minutes later and suck the jism from her until she had none left.

Well the other night, it started out the same as always, me with the desire to lick the fresh pregnant creampie from her. I fucked her hard without going down on her first. She loves to be held down and raped. She is not one for tender loving. She likes it fast and hard. I got her off and then slowed down the rythem to what I prefer. Her pussy was getting very moist and was relaxing to its just been well fucked size when I let my load loose in her. I had the blues - again. Well - this is when I usually roll off and go to sleep.

Sweet Pregnant CreampieI stayed on top and started to lick her sweaty nipples. My face stayed on her licking and caressing. I had just become aware of her erogenous zone a few days earlier. Her feet. I slowly worked my way to her feet. Gently touching and kissing. This was allowing my erection to return and my blues were going away. Her legs were already parted from us just fucking. She had some droplets of my come attached to her pubic hair. She had a nice size oyster of white pregnant creampie protruding from her beet red puffy lips. Instead of the usual repulshion, My desire was growing. I wanted it to be good for her, sso I kept my patience and stayed focused on her legs, gently licking and kissing, but I was working my way up to the prize that was awaiting my growing hunger.

Huge Pregnant CreampieI finally made it up and licked the droplets from her pubic mound. My taste buds were rewarded with the familiar slimy salty taste. I slowly traced around her privates as she slowly parted her legs allowing me full access to the oyster which was making its way to her tightly puckered asshole. I put my tounge to her ass to catch the entire clearish white stream and licked up to her clit - scooping the nice gob onto my tounge. This is the first time that I had a nice volume in my mouth at one time. I closed my mouth upon the pregnant creampie and savored it. I swallowed it down and licked her clean of both of our juices.

I hope this is the beginning of a routine. Time will tell.

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